are you having a watch party for my AJLT episode or what
i write all the time, in a self-effacing way, about not having had very much classroom education. and usually whether or not i’ve retained any…
don't open this if u are squeamish or u will die
hello from a 41 year old. my birthday was last saturday and to celebrate i ordered a lot of indian food and my lady made me a cheesecake and i got lots…
it's been a minute, you're welcome!!!!!
listen, i'm working, but sometimes i need a freaking break!!!!!!!!!!
"do i really deserve to die because you hated a fictional sex scene?" edition
someone please tell me how to write an entire book
please buy it or i will die
lmao babe somehow i'm still goddamn sick?????????
plus i had diarrhea in a gas station bathroom while lindy west waited patiently in the car
i swear i am trying to do my work, but also i might be having a nervous breakdown?